Remote computer services provided by Stubborn-Computers.

Welcome to Stubborn-Computers online services.

 The more Stubborn your computer is, the more I enjoy my job.

 Stubborn-Computers provides a remote support service that allows a secure connection to your computer over the internet and allows a technician to fix your computer problems while you watch your computer being fixed in the comfort of your home without having to have someone in your house.

I am Microsoft Certified with over 20 years of experience fixing computers and network servers. My current credentials are listed on the bottom of this page.  

You will always know the cost up front.

Usually as long as you have access to the internet and your desktop (even if errors are preventing you from getting on the internet) and you don't have a hardware issue, I can help you get your stubborn computer up and running again for a fraction of the cost of taking it somewhere. Plus you can have your computer working again within hours instead of days!

Computer Virus, Spyware, Adware, and other Malware removal:

* Remote Virus, Spyware, and Malware removal. $75.00

* Complete computer tune up. (Remove viruses, fix corrupt system files, defrag hard drive, clean registry, delete unneeded temp files) Speeds up your computer. $90 Per device.

 Computer Configurations:

* Connect and configure a computer to work with external devices (Printers, MP3 players, Digital cameras, etc.). $45

* Secure your Wireless network. $45

* Install and setup programs. $45

* Configure data back up to a local storage device. $50 per 25 GB of data

* Setting up an email service. $50

* Install software $45

* Remove unnecessary software that is no longer needed. $45

* Basic computer tune up:  Will clean up unnecessary files, programs, and add-ware to make your computer run faster and smoother. $60 (This will not cover Virus or Spyware removal; if virus is detected, the "Complete computer tune up" is required) ($90) 

Computer Repairs:

* Online repair of operating system. $80.00

* Repair Microsoft update errors. $80.00

* Troubleshoot/resolve problems such as error messages, persistent pop-ups, system and application crashes, slow running computer, etc. $80.00

* Resolve network connections issues such as reconnecting your computer to a home wireless network or Internet. $65.00

Web Site Creation: call for Quote.

Personalized E-mail: Google Apps and Google Apps for business setup such as xxxx@(your name or company name).com: call for quote and Domain name availability.

If you need a computer service and it's not listed give me a call and we can discuss what I can do for you.

I have a 15 day warranty on my services.

Phone: (814) 406-9544